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Project Details

ROLE: Lead Designer & Front-end Developer with eeko studio

DELIVERABLES: Responsive Website + Identity Consultation

BACKGROUND: With more than 20 years working in and around Phoenix media, Karie Dozer emcees and hosts business presentations and community events throughout the valley in addition to coaching professionals with their presentations and delivery. She also provides voice talent for various commercial and non-broadcast productions.

CHALLENGE: Karie describes herself to be “like the mom from Modern Family.” She wanted a clean, fresh website that encompasses her bold and friendly personality while focusing on her three services: emcee and hosting, speech coaching, and voice talent. In addition to needing a website, she also needed help establishing her brand’s logo and identity.

SOLUTION: Translate Karie’s strong personal brand into an equally appealing digital presence, working as consultant to the designer creating the new logo and color palette. With these assets complete, build out a new website that tells Karie’s professional story.

PROCESS: After an initial discovery session followed by additional research into competitors and design examples, the initial look and feel for Karie’s website was established. Wireframes were used to build the site’s layout and mockups were created to gain design feedback and direction approval before development began.

During discovery, it was agreed upon that the homepage would feature a video background. Then during the design phase, everyone agreed that the inner pages should also have videos that would further explain who Karie is and each service, giving short visuals for modern day website users. NBMA Photography was contracted for the site’s video assets and worked closely with the team for direction while filming at two locations.

Karie was already working another designer, so consultation was provided for her logo and identity. To help give her identity more of a personable and feminine feel, a script type was chosen along with the use of three vibrant colors to represent her personality and services.

Karie provided content as the website continued through development and the creative assets were finalized.

RESULT: KarieDozer.com was built within 6 weeks, and Karie Dozer has a personal website to promote her brand and services that she loves.