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Project Details

ROLE: Lead Designer, Front-end Developer, & Project Manager with eeko studio

DEVELOPER: AKOS Web and Marketing

BACKGROUND: azpro is a full service, large format graphics and wrap provider. They’re locally owned and operated with a focus on not only going above and beyond with exceptional work, but with their dedication to client relationships as well.

CHALLENGE: azpro came to eeko studio with an outdated website that was in need of a serious overhaul. They needed a mobile friendly site with the ability to effectively showcase their work to attract larger clients. azpro had also started the process of redesigning their brand and wanted their new site to reflect these changes.

SOLUTION: Redesign azpro’s website to bring it up to date with modern trends, effectively showcase their work, and encompass their new, bolder personality and brand. Ideate and revise new ideas for key pages and features of the new site to align the new experience with azpro’s vision.

PROCESS: Our team met with azpro onsite at their facility to learn more about who they are, what makes them stand out from the crowd, and what they want to accomplish through the website redesign. After an in depth discovery session we learned the existing site didn’t clearly reflect azpro’s quirky personality or the services they provide. azpro also explained and showed us examples of the visual overhaul they were doing around the warehouse and how they wanted the new site to be more consistent with the “new” azpro brand they had been establishing.

One of the first hurdles to tackle was to restructure the site so that visitors could clearly and quickly understand what azpro is and what they have to offer. We were able to narrow down and refine azpro’s services content from eight areas that didn’t entirely highlight all of their available services to six distinct functions that fully capture their capabilities. We were also able to minimize the number of subpages and links that visitors had to click through by reorganizing content, combining related content, and simplifying menu items.

Once azpro approved the basic site structure we used wireframes to lay out several pages and plan custom sections. I designed mockups for key pages and custom areas, and I worked closely with our developer through each custom piece to ensure the new experience fit azpro’s functionality and style needs. We spent extra time to explore and revise particular pages and features, such as the team section, to ensure the site as a whole fit azpro’s vision.

To hit azpro’s goal to launch the site in time for a specially planned VIP party, we worked collaboratively with azpro to set up several of the site’s visual assets. We set up templates and walked azpro through training sessions to help speed the process. I worked with both the azpro team and our developer to iron out any and all issues we ran into along the way, and we successfully completed and launched the site in time for a VIP launch.

CHALLENGES & OBJECTIVES: One of the challenges to creating a more streamlined design to more quickly inform visitors was the volume of content on the existing site. As we finished design and moved into development I worked with azpro and our internal wordsmith to ensure the new site had the right amount of content, that the content was clear and to the point, and that it conveyed a sense of azpro’s personality. This iterative process enabled azpro’s voice and personality to shine within their content, while helping visitors quickly grasp the messages that matter to them.

azpro, being a growing company that at the time consisted of 60+ employees, wanted a fully custom section that they’d be able to edit and maintain without technical help going forward. This meant designing and implementing a custom team section. Part of my role included working out the solution with our developer for this. How do we create a friendly interface that the client can handle and update on their own with the least amount of maintenance problems and without risk of breaking the site? Our answer was a section with tabs for each department, with each containing its own slider. Each slider houses the employees with their own profile popups, pulled from a custom-built “team” post type. For mobile we included only single group photos for each department so that the page would function properly and not drain visitors’ data budgets. Once azpro approved the main concept and design, I created templates for the azpro team to use going forward so that they could easily set up profiles for both existing and future team members. Before launch I trained a number of azpro’s key team members to ensure they can successfully and independently maintain the team section.

The next big challenge was the page featuring azpro’s equipment, which azpro wished to be fully custom. The objective was to showcase azpro’s main warehouse and its assets in a digital environment. After brainstorming various options with our developer and presenting two possible solutions to azpro, we settled on a “Google Maps” style page that allowed for panning and zooming around a single large image. We coded crosshairs into various plot points that azpro designated throughout the image to allow for clickable pop-ups. These pop-ups provide detailed information on the asset they represent. The page was built to work on mobile devices, but only with the panning feature enabled due to timeline and budget limitations.

azpro also needed a more prominent blog that could also attract more visitors. The existing blog was buried at the bottom of a list within a dropdown, so the clear solution was to bring the blog to the main navigation. The next step was to set up a custom section on the homepage below the hero video/image that would highlight the latest blog post and allow visitors to navigate directly to it. We then took the blog page design a step further by re-designing it into a two-column page. The left side displays a featured blog post which azpro chooses in site administration, while the right side is a scrollable list of all blog posts.

The most important objective for the new azpro website was to find a way to showcase their work more effectively to attract new and larger clients. Looking at the existing site the product page was the only page where users might find azpro’s work, but each subpage only showed a few small images that required too many clicks to discover. When we brought up having a portfolio page to showcase work categorized by product types, azpro agreed this was an effective solution. However, it still felt like something was missing, and we decided azpro needed to be able to give more context behind its projects. We implemented custom case studies to give azpro an effective place to tell each project’s story and how they work with their clients to go beyond expectations.

RESULT: launched within 8 months with a full experience redesign, in time for an excited azpro to show it off at a special VIP party. azpro was also excited to share with us that they’ve already received tons of positive feedback on their new site, and they feel it “provides a fresh, clean, and updated reflection” of what the azpro brand really is.