Informational and awareness website for the Arizona Distributors of Wine and Spirits (AzDWS)

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Project Details

ROLE: Lead Designer & Front-end Developer with eeko studio

DELIVERABLES: Identity & Logo + Responsive Website

BACKGROUND: AzDWS represents Alliance Beverage, Southern Wine and Spirits, and Young’s Market who serve the state of Arizona by distributing wine and spirits to state businesses at the wholesale level. AzDWS also strives to promote responsible alcohol consumption through public service announcements, compliance activities, and partnerships.

CHALLENGE: The Arizona Wine and Spirits Wholesalers Association (AWSWA) needed help with renaming its organization, creating an identity, and online presence. The site they wanted needed to feel local to Arizona and provide an outlet for news and press releases. They also had a concept in mind for a logo and wanted to concepts with the State of Arizona’s colors.

SOLUTION: Give AWSWA a new identity and build an online presence that gives awareness to the organization’s community impact.

PROCESS: The first step was to rename AWSWA since they felt the full name was too long and the acronym too hard to pronounce. After we brainstormed and presented several options, the Arizona Wine and Spirits Wholesalers Association renamed itself to the Arizona Distributors of Wine and Spirits.

The next step was to bring AzDWS’s vision for its identity envisioned to life through the new logo. They wanted to see the three companies the organization represents and the three-tier system that they are a part of incorporated into the new logo. They also wanted to bring Arizona into the logo, using both an image of the state itself and its state colors. We presented color options including one that used state’s vibrant color palette, but we also encouraged AzDWS to consider a toned-down version. This version brought the Arizona feel AzDWS was looking for while incorporating a sense of distinction and modernity. Three bars are used to represent the organizations and three-tier system within Arizona. The state’s silhouette enhances the connection to the state of Arizona.

With AzDWS’s name and logo finalized, we shifted focus to the website where we could build the new color palette and our ideas for imagery into a full web experience. We created mockups to gain feedback and eventual approval on design and imagery before development began.

One of AzDWS’s top priorities was to show the positive impact that the organization has on the community. We designed a customized infographic of results attributable to AzDWS’s efforts and featured it on a “Stats + Impact” page. We also used this page to feature the charities and organizations that AzDWS supports.

RESULTS: We designed and built, along with helping rename the organization and design its new logo, within 4 weeks. AzDWS is proud of a new, concise identity and a web presence that makes its community impact clear and relatable.