Who am I?

Designer and business owner during the day. Startup co-founder during the evenings and weekends. Finacée, pug mom, coffee lover, and all-around nerd 24/7.

What do I do?

Contracting as myself through imbrittany.com since 2011, I founded Maddart Creative in 2016 so that I can bridge an agency-style approach with the one-on-one relationships I build with my clients.

I’m committed to engaging clients and creating meaningful experiences through beautiful, impactful work. I collaborate with my clients and other agencies to help solve communication problems and bring ideas to life through branding and identity, print and digital design, visual app design, and web design.

Want to know more?

I’m a Phoenix-native who’s a self-proclaimed nerd. I have a slight addiction to collecting Funko Pops, figures, and other memorabilia from various pop-culture fandoms.

When I’m not working, I’m probably binging a show or spending money that I shouldn’t on Amazon. Otherwise I’m simply enjoying time with those closest to me, riding my bike, or playing with Maddox the pug.

Ready to chat?

Email is easiest for me. I’d love to hear from you, so be sure to use this nifty contact form and let’s schedule a time to chat!